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My  Biography

My love for photography began ever since i got hold of my father's point and shoot vintage Agfa while at school. One roll of film gave 12 shots of 120 mm. It was fun playing around with it. Film photography does not allow you leeway in making mistakes (unless you are loaded and don't care about the expense, which i wasn't) and one had to study the subject well before experimenting. When in college, i graduated (pun unintended) to the Canon AT-1 which was purloined from my brother. 35 mm was exciting and 36 exposures seemed a lot! Those days were B&W days and we learnt to develop the film and print our photographs in  the college lab. i also used the Yashica TLR when ever i could borrow the same from the Photography Club of the college. One of the defining moments during my (photographic) teens was when  i received a Zenit 35mm as a prize in one of the photo contests. A real heavy piece of equipment. The first camera, which belonged to me.

Having hung up my corporate boots, i now have the time to pursue photography and probably also the ability to buy equipment (within limits, of course) What is a problem though is to lug your overweight body to difficult places and adopt acrobatic poses to take that shot. Once on a safari at Bandipur National Park, i came upon a crested hawk eagle which had just killed a grey heron and was busy plucking the feathers. i wanted to get the shot at eye level and managed to squeeze my body in the well between the seats of the gypsy (a small jeep). I got the shot, but it was quite embarrassing to try and get up again.

Once i started working, there was no time (nor money) for photography  and the next 10 years saw me using my old film cameras very sparingly. The nineties saw some action when i bought a Yashica MG-2 film camera, since i had to return my brothers AT-1. But it was a step southwards and akin to asking an owner of a Mercedes S series give up the car for a humble Ford family sedan. Funnily, there is no mention of the Yashica MG-2 on the net, except for some ads on selling sites. Yashica's site also does not mention this model. 

During 2004 i bought my first "professional" digital SLR in the form of the Nikon D70s and the next 7 years saw me carrying this proudly at all family functions, albeit with the standard kit lens only. Then during 2011, i finally splurged and got the Nikon D3s along with a bunch of lenses and other gear, which i still own. i like the D3s and it has served me well. I would like a second body (since my D70s was stolen in Europe) and have been eyeing the Nikon D500 since i believe that a second body should ideally be a cropped sensor to enable reach for BIF shots. I am sure that i am stirring the hornet's nest with such a sweeping statement!

So, set forth and follow your passion and don't leave it too late.