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ranthambhor national park

Ranthambhor is truly a wildlife photographers Mecca. There are about 48 tigers in the park, which is divided into 8 zones. During the hot season, the tigers prefer to hang out near the water bodies and sightings can be pretty easy and some of them are sure to give unusual poses and compositions.


Some trip reports to the National parks and sanctuaries as well as some beautiful destinations that i have been to. Please click on the photograph to read the report.

Amazing Ladakh

ladakh is the Lost Horizon of James Hilton, the Shangri La all of us search for. It is a landscape photographs delight with its virtually untouched landscapes and dust free atmosphere. Night sky photographers would spend sleepless nights here. With altitudes reaching more than 5000 meters, free of light pollution, noise pollution or atmospheric pollution, it is indeed the nirvana for photographers wanting to shoot the night skies.


bandipur national park

Bandipur is a beautiful national park on the Western Ghats in Karnataka. Though big cats like the tiger, leopard and panther are sighted, the park is especially beautiful for its exceptional flora and fauna and of course it elephants.